Building your customer personas

It’s easy to dive straight in to build a content calendar with interesting articles and content. But without first understanding your customer personas, you’re not thinking about your content from the customer’s point of view.

What are the problems they face? Who are their stakeholders? Which channels/platforms are they on? Why should they care about your product/service?

What’s a Customer Persona?

A customer persona is a fictional (but very true) representation of your buyer, based on research and real data from your current consumers. When thinking about your customer persona, you should consider including fictional names, demographics (age, gender, location) and customer frustrations and goals to fully place yourself in your customer’s shoes.

How many Customer Personas should I build?

There isn’t a magic number. It really depends on your business and the different types of personalities you’re selling to. As a guide, you should look at building a different customer persona if he/she has a different problem to solve (and therefore, your message to him/her would be different).

Consider an online travel booking platform – how many customer personas can you think of?

  1. The Millennial Traveller: who wants a value-for-money experience and Instagram-worthy holiday
  2. The Young Parent: doesn’t mind spending more to ensure their baby is comfortable travelling for the first time
  3. The Business Traveller: pressed for time and values comfort over cost
  4. The Flexible Worker: enjoys flexible holiday schedules and travelling off-peak seasons to enjoy lower costs and lesser crowds

Communicating to your Customers

Making sure your content is relevant to your different customer personas is important and will demonstrate how you’re solving their problems. An exercise in building customer personas can also help Business Development teams or Product teams ensure they differentiate the product/service they are building. It also guides Sales teams to position the product in their pitch to the right audience.

I’m sharing a free Customer Persona and Content Calendar template on Google Sheets. Feel free to use it within your teams as a fun workshop. Let me know if it’s useful for you!

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