When do you need a brand refresh?

In 2015 itself, 20 companies changed their logos – Google and Spotify, just to name a few – and in 2018, some of the biggest brand revamps include Uber, Ogilvy, Mastercard and Dunkin’ Donuts (which is btw now without ‘Donuts’). The speed of change is much faster, and it’s of course much easier with a bigger share of our brand assets on digital channels (as compared to print).

We all know a brand image paints a story about your company and illustrates it for your customers. It’s also a perfect opportunity to showcase the company’s new goals or new phase of growth. So when is a brand overhaul really needed?

  1. The company is evolving

Parcel Perform recently updated its branding with new logos, imagery and copy. The overall feel the company is going for is clean, sleek, smart – and still the cool kid 🙂 Why? 3 years ago, the e-commerce logistics startup was starting up with only offices in Asia. Today, they serve an increasingly global customer base and have 3 offices. Their old look no longer represents who they are.

Parcel Perform old website
Parcel Perform’s old homepage
Parcel Perform new website
Parcel Perform’s new homepage

2. You need to reach a new target audience

Is your sales team switching their target customer focus? If you’re growing your focus towards Enterprise customers, you’ll need to focus on more targeted campaigns and more nurturing outreach campaigns, given the longer sales cycles.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to grow your SME segment, perhaps you might need a more grassroots approach in your outreach – offering startup-friendly pricing to allow these companies to try your product for free, and upgrade as they scale. You might also want to do more workshops and take a more consultative approach in selling.

3. Your logo is… well, just old

While the average consumer might not know a thing about design, an outdated logo is something they might be able to just… feel. There are often one or two design elements that are no longer in style (think: comic sans or bubbly text) that make your company look something out of the last decade. Along with design trends, make sure you look current and relatable to your customers.

Image result for brand refresh
eBay’s updated logo with cleaner lines and a more modern feel

A brand is more than a logo, name or website redesign — it’s the entire experience your prospects and customers have with your company, product or service. Think: how employees interact with customers, your customer’s opinion of you versus competitors, whether the general public understands what you stand for… and more.

A brand refresh is also great during a major product update or announcement. Let me know if you’re keen to have a chat about your brand refresh.

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